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Antwerp Feis 2019!

Well done to our Dancers to your fantastic results at Antwerp Feis!

85 Placements for Team Rince Na Lisboa!


"Sofia Batalha, Clara Pais, Constança Galvão, Filipe Marques, Victor Silva, Inês Dias, Ellen Burke, Claudio Piedade, Freya Brooks, Amanda Gray, Madeleine Homer, Jessica Homer and Lily Mae Taylor e a professora Mira Amadea tiveram um fim-de-semana cheio de sucessos na competição de Dança Irlandesa "Antwerp Feis", em Antuérpia (Bélgica)! 

Ao todo, os alunos da Mira Amadea (grupo Rince Na Lisboa) ganharam 27 primeiros lugares, 13 segundos lugares, 14 terceiros e 12 quartos lugares! Com 13 bailarinos, de Lisboa e Carcavelos, acumularam 85 medalhas e troféus. 
Filipe Marques, Ellen Burke e Clara Pais sobem para o nível "Primary" (nível 2), enquanto Sofia Batalha, Cláudio Piedade e Constança Galvão sobem para o nível "Intermediate" (nível 3).
Todos os bailarinos puderam ainda realizar os exames oficiais de grau para certificação em Dança Irlandesa pela CLRG, e passaram com sucesso!"

Rock in Rio 2018 // We did it!

Our best dancers had a fantastic show a Rock in Rio Festival! 


We are very proud of you all!



This was St. Patrick´s Day 2018

St. Patrick´s Day 2018 in Lisbon 

Happy St. Patrick´s Day

We had some fantastic shows at the "Greening" in Cascais, The St. Patrick´s Gala Dinner, The GAA Games, Irish Day in Lisbon and the Reception of the Irish Embassy Lisbon!


Thank you for all the support!


Feis in Milan 2018

Congratulations to Sofia, Constança, Ellen, Freya, Lily & Amanda!

Our 6 dancers competed this weekend in Milan (Busto Feis 2018)

The girls placed 16 x 1st, 11 x 2nd, 7 x 3rd, 5 x 4th, 5 x 5th & 1 x 10th !


45 placements for Rince Na Lisboa Academy Portugal!

Well done girls!!


A huge congrats to Sofia, Ellen, Constança and Lily, who officially moved one level up! Primary and Intermediate is calling.


I am so so proud of you all!


Mira Amadea TCRG

Vienna Feis 2017!

Congratulations Madeleine and Jessica Homer!

Both had a fantastic start in intermediate level.

Well done girls!  



1x5th // 3x6th // 1x7th


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2nd Summer Intensive Weekend

Our dancers  had a intensive dance weekend to start the new dance season with Heather Marie Gordon and Mira Amadea!


Heather Marie Gordon from "Working the Barre and Beyond" and a very good friend of Rince Na Lisboa came over from the US to work hard with our dancers.

Fitness, technique drills and mental preparation was on our program for two days!

Thanks for coming over Heather and see you very soon!


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Final Year Show at Teatro Tivoli

After a long year full of new adventures we finished our dance season with the "Jazzy Final Year Show" -Motion of Dance- at Teatro Tivoli. Seven selected dancers from Jazzy Dance Studios Saldanha and 6 Dancers from Tango Argentino (Teresa & Carlos) worked this year together to bring a breathtaking show on stage. The theme of this years show was "Fogo" (fire) -With their dedication and passion for dancing all dancers brought a fantastic show on stage.


Thank you to the team of Jazzy Dance Studios!!

Now it is time for small summer break!

Enjoy the holidays!


-Rince Na Lisboa-



Munich Feis 2017

Our three dancers from Lisbon went to Munich to participate at the Munich Feis. It was the first time, that dancers from Portugal are participating in an Irish Dance Competition in Mainland Europe (CLRG) and the first time officially as "Rince Na Lisboa Academy Portugal" at a Feis!

Congratulations to Constança, Sofia and Claudio!!!

Muitos Parabéns!

-9 x 1st places, 6 x 2nd's, 6 x 3rd's, 4 x 4th's and 3 x 5th places for Rince Na Lisboa Academy Portugal!

Well done! I am so, so proud of you three! 


-Mira Amadea -
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PH: Gihanna v Lupur 

Ceili Night at Teatro Comuna


It was a pleasure to be a part of the Ceili Night yesterday! 



The audience was brilliant and I am proud of all Rince Na Lisboa dancers! -You all did a brilliant job on stage! 

Thanks to the Irish Association Portugal , Peter Murphy, the Irish Embassy and the two fantastic bands MeltingPot & LEDA !! 

Hopefully we can organize more of these event in Portugal!



Mira Amadea TCRG


-Rince Na Lisboa-


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Photos by Leena Marjola




Back from Dublin

Mira Amadea just came back from Dublin visiting the World Irish Dancing Championships and to be a part of the Graduation Ceremony for new Teachers (TCRG) with An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha - Irish Dance Commission Dublin .  

We are happy, that Portugal has now it´s first certified Irish Dance Teacher. 

Very soon we will participate in our first Irish Dance Competition (Feis) to present Rince Na Lisboa Academy of Irish Dance Portugal!


Stay tuned or be a part of #bringirishdancetoportugal !


-Rince Na Lisboa Academy of Irish Dance-


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