Online classes & programs

Special online program for dancers

1.Regular Classes + Guidance Classes


All classes will have additionally a “Guidance” Class of 15-30 mins. 

In the beginning of every month, there will be an extra schedule for the “Guidance” classes with name of the student.

Every week there will be two or three selected students, who will attend this class after the regular class. This concept will allow me to check and focus on each dancer individually. We use the time to talk, to solve problems and difficulties.



+Additional Classes

1) Traditional Set
2) Show+ Performance



+Balance Classes

1) Gentle Yoga and Power Flow Classes for dancers

2) Movement and Mindfulness Class for children (elementary)


= Success



Online Schedule 2020/21

Live Online Classes


2-3 times a week

(depending on level and ability)

  • Regular Class
  • Special Classes*

*Grade Exam preparation,

Show & Performance Class and many more...


  • Balance Classes*       
  • Gentle Flow or Power Flow  for strengthening and mindfulness in dancing


Access to RNL Video Platform

Your Program:

  • Live Online Classes ✓
  • All classes are recorded  ✓
  • Google Classroom ✓
  • monthly challenges ✓



  • Introduction: Irish Dance (Starters)
  • Beginners
  • Primary
  • Intermediate/Open

Individual Coaching

  • Guidance Class individual corrections and support ✓
  • mental training and coaching for competitions and stage presence ✓







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  4. You are enrolled! 

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